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giovedì 24 maggio 2012 Vegetarian Cooking (i Libretti Verdi) eBook: AssociazioneCulturale, Renzo Samaritani, Ramananda, Massimiliano Deliso, Parama Karuna, JagannathEdition, Jagannath Edition: Kindle Store

Vegetarian Cooking (i Libretti Verdi)

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Vegetarian Cooking (i Libretti Verdi) [Kindle Edition]

AssociazioneCulturale , Renzo Samaritani , Ramananda , Massimiliano Deliso , Parama Karuna , JagannathEdition
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Editorial Reviews

Product Description

In this book we have considered cultural and historical areas and not strictly political divisions. For example, the cookery and culture of traditionally arabian countries are very similar in the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Persia, Emirates) and in Africa (Lybia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt). The countries where muslim culture has been established more recently, or imposed upon another strong culture (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc.) show a blend of traditions and tastes similar to the muslim communities in other non-muslim nations, as in India. Therefore they have not been taken as specific examples of culture, as the size of this book does not allow a complete study on many different situations, although it would be very interesting. Actually, every region of the world, every ethnic or cultural group, have their own specific cookery traditions, and some books already exist on the matter. As this book has a limited space, we could not discuss properly some other very interesting traditions and cultures, like those of Israel, Africa, Oceania, Tibet. Also, we have not made sufficient distinctions between Mexico and the south America proper, and India was roughly summarized in north and south India, although Bengal and the west coast, comprising Maharashtra and Goa, deserve a special and separate discussion, both for their culture and their recipes. Northern Europe and Russia also group a variety of cultures and cookery traditions (like the Hungarian, for example, with its paprika-based stews) which deserve special attention. We therefore apologize with all the ethnic groups which have not been given proper space here.

The vegetarian tradition in the world A gastronomical look at history Why being vegetarian Environment, economy, sociology What meat does to your body Moral, philosophical, religious aspects The pleasures of the senses
Ingredients and techniques Antipasto in pinzimonio (fresh vegetables with olive oil dressing) Linguine in salsa di noci (noodles with walnut and cream cheese sauce) Minestrone (mixed vegetable and bean soup) Cannoli (cottage cheese stuffed pastries)
Ingredients and techniques Paella vegetariana (pan fried rice) Gazpacho (chilled tomato and cucumber soup) Garbanzos a la Sevillana (chickpeas with gravy) Naranjos rellenos (stuffed oranges)
Ingredients and techniques Yogurt Dolmades (rice in vine leaves) Moussaka
Sweet rice Baklava (honey biscuits)
Ingredients and techniques Potage Parmentier (herb flavoured potato soup) Quiche aux legumes (vegetable filled pastry) Gateaux Chantilly (whipped cream dessert)
Ingredients and techniques Fried potato sticks Lettuce and pea soup
Brussel sprouts au gratin Gantois (hazelnut and raspberry delight)
Ingredients and techniques Rosti (pan-fried potato cake) Biersuppe (winter soup) Wheat grass juice
Strudel (apple pastry roll)
Ingredients and techniques Tea time! Sandwiches with flavoured butter Welsh rarebit
Muffins Scones
Ingredients and techniques Borscht (beetroot and milk cream soup) Blinis (buckwheat pancakes) Koulibiac (spinach roll pastry) Easter cake
United States of America
Before the "foreigners" came Ingredients and techniques of northern States Veg Burgers (mixed vegetables and grain patties) Heroes (stuffed bread loaf) Apple pie Ingredients and techniques of southern States Fried green tomatoes Coleslaw (cabbage salad) Gumbo (okra casserole) Hopping John (rice with beans)
Mexico and Latin America
Ingredients and techniques Tortillas (flat corn bread) Chili con frijoles colado (baked beans in hot chili pepper sauce) Llapingachos (potato patties) Humitas (corn cob surprise) Dulce de leche (cooked down milk cream)
North India
Ingredients and techniques Chhole Bhature (puffed bread with chickpeas in gravy) Palak Panir (spinach and fresh cheese) Matar Pulao (rice with almonds and peas) Gobhi Samosa (stuffed crust pastry) Besan Laddu (chickpea flour fudge)

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  • Publisher: Associazione Internazionale per la Coscienza Spirituale (May 23, 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B0085WQVRG
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled