The Bitchy Stitcher: QSMASBC2013

The Quilter's Shirtless Man and Spicy Burrito Calendar began its crazy life in the summer of 2011. I had made a joke about being lucky enough to combine two of my favorite things—writing and quilting—into one career, but that someday I hoped to combine all my great loves into one publication: The Quilter's Shirtless Man and Spicy Burrito Monthly. When readers began to offer photos of their own men, I offered to make us a calendar if I got 12. I got 14.

I decided to make the calendar a fundraiser for my brother's family. My big brother has been fighting brain cancer for a couple years now, and it is a huge drain on his family's resources—financial as well as physical and psychological. I live fairly far away from them and can't be there to help in any tangible way, so I thought if I could do something to give them a laugh and maybe a little extra cash at the same time, it would be, quite literally, the least I could do. Giving my brother a copy of the 2012 calendar and a check last Christmas was a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Because I am poor and cannot afford to have these printed on my own, I have decided to once again use This is a print-on-demand service, so you will be ordering directly through them and I get a cut. If you have problems with your order, you will need to contact Lulu customer service. There were only a couple problems last year and Lulu made good on them right away.

The calendar costs $19.99 and can be purchased here.

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