As far as I have seen, Srila Prabhupada’s exchanges with...

As far as I have seen, Srila Prabhupada’s exchanges with homosexual friends and disciples were always exceptionally loving and kind. Indeed, he was quite caring toward them and displayed a great deal of concern that they feel welcome and included in his Krsna consciousness movement. It is very sad that this loving attitude has become mostly absent today among many of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples and followers. Devotees seem obsessed only with the sexual aspect of homosexuality, while failing to address the more important human and personal considerations emphasized by Srila Prabhupada himself. A pure devotee always looks for the good qualities in others, while foolish neophytes take delight in pointing out faults and weaknesses. In regard to gays and lesbians, Srila Prabhupada personally taught us how to receive and treat them, so why not simply listen and follow his example? Srila Prabhupada meeting with Allen Ginsberg.

Srila Prabhupada met many times with Allen Ginsberg, who was sometimes accompanied by his lover, Peter Orlovsky. Do you know how nicely and politely Srila Prabhupada received them? Do you think he called them demons and accused them of having illicit sex together? No. Srila Prabhupada’s mind was never in the gutter like that. His concern was for their Krsna consciousness, how to make them feel welcome in his temple, and how best to engage them in Krsna’s service. The same interaction was evident in Srila Prabhupada’s dealings with disciples like Sudama Maharaja and Upendra Prabhu. He was always very concerned and caring for them. They felt his love so strongly that it changed their hearts and lives forever! (via Srila Prabhupada and gay devotees - ISKCON.Us)

via Nirvan (Ananda)

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